Making Their Story Our History
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Over the course of the coming year we will be holding numerous book launches and author and veteran signings at the following events.


Thursday 17th to Sunday 20th August: Eastbourne Air Show


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Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th August: Dunsfold Wings and Wheels

Sunday 27th August: Little Gransden Air Show

Thursday 31st August to Sunday 3rd September: Bournemouth Air Show

Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th September: Scampton Air Show (TBC)

Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th September: IWM Duxford Air Show


Previous Events

Launch of Stirling to Essen and Slybirds
Authors attending were Roger Leivers (Stirling to Essen), Graham Cross (Slybirds) Dr Robert Owen (Henry Maudslay Dam Buster), Peter Randall and Nigel Julian (Zemke's Wolfpack) and Lanny Lanowski's son Krys (Out In Front).
The following Bomber Command veterans attended.
George Dunn DFC L d'H: Nos 10, 76 Squadron Halifaxes and 608 Squadron
and 1409 Met Flight Mosquito pilot.
Benny Goodman. No. 617 Squadron Lancaster pilot, completing a full tour of 30 operations
(and flew Stirlings at Heavy Conversion Unit).
Cecil 'Chick' Chandler. Nos 15 and 622 Squadron Stirling and Lancaster flight engineer
Henry Wagner (Saturday only). 51 Squadron Halifax navigator and POW.


Saturday 24th June: Godmanchester Veteran’s Day

Veterans who attended were

Johnny Johnson , 617 Squadron, Bomb Aimer on board ‘ T for Tommy’ on the famous Dam Busters raid against the Sorpe Dam

Reg Payne, trained as a Wireless Operator/Air Gunner and then joined 50 Squadron on Lancasters in the same crew as the future Marshall of the RAF Sir Michael Beetham, completing over 30 Operations including 10 to Berlin.

Rusty Waughman DFC AFC: No. 101 Squadron Lancaster pilot. 

Ron Needle, 106 Squadron Lancaster air gunner.

Kenneth Johnson, served as a mid-upper gunner on Lancasters and flew with Nos 9 and 61 Squadrons. He successfully took part in a total of 44 operations, including raids on U-boat pens in Bergen, the mighty German battleship Tirpitz, and Hitler’s alpine retreat at Berchtesgaden.

Henry Wagner, 51 Squadron Halifax Navigator, became a POW on Christmas Eve 1944 after his aircraft was shot down over Holland. Although his parachute saw him drift into Germany.


Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th May: IWM Duxford Air Show

Veterans who attended were


Rusty Waughman DFC AFC: No. 101 Squadron Lancaster Pilot. Rusty flew operationally during the Battle of Berlin period and wrote the foreword to the book.

George Dunn DFC L d'H: Nos 10, 76 Squadron Halifaxes and 608 Squadron and 1409 Met Flight Mosquito pilot - 44 operations. George flew on the first Battle of Berlin raid on 23rd August 1943.

Harry Irons DFC: Harry completed 60 bombing operations with RAF Bomber Command; with No. 9 Squadron on Lancasters and then with No. 158 Squadron on Halifaxes. Harry flew operationally with, and talks about, one of the airmen who has a chapter in the book, Billy Colson DFM.

Jo Lancaster DFC: Pilot, Nos 40 Squadron, Wellingtons, and 12 Squadron, Lancasters, completing 54 operations. First man to use the Martin-Baker ejection seat in an emergency. (We will have copies of Jo’s biography ‘First Out in Earnest’ available.)

Dave Fellowes Ld’H (Attendance TBC): Air gunner, No. 460 (RAAF) Squadron Lancasters - 32 operations.

Hal Gardner: Nos 106 and 189 Squadrons Lancaster Navigator.

John Bell MBE, DFC, L d'H (Saturday only): Bomb Aimer, 619 and 617 Squadron. John flew on numerous Berlin raids during the Battle of Berlin period.

Gerry Norwood (Sunday only): Gerry served as an air gunner with No. 460 (RAAF) Squadron and completed a full tour of duty during the Battle of Berlin period.

Authors: Steve Bond (Saturday only), Steve Darlow, Sean Feast (Saturday only), Robert Owen, Nicole Russell (Saturday only), and Howard Sandall.