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Five of the Few (paperback) - author signed

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Five of the Few (paperback) - author signed


Survivors of the Battle of Britain and Blitz Tell Their Story

Signed by author Steve Darlow


Paperback: 256 pages

Publisher: Grub Street (30 July 2010)

ISBN-13: 978-1906502829


Five of the Few tells the intriguing story of five special airmen who earned the right to wear the Battle of Britain clasp with pride. The fascinating accounts of 501 Squadron Hurricane Pilots Ken Lee and Tony Pickering, 151 Squadron Hurricane Pilot John Ellacombe, 603 Squadron Spitfire Pilot Peter Olver, and 219 Squadron Blenheim and Beaufighter radar operator Terry Clark cover the entire Battle of Britain period and the subsequent night Blitz. Their experiences were varied but their cause was common. The survival of Britain was at stake. They, with the other 'few', had to stop the Luftwaffe's attempt to prepare the way for a German invasion. The odds were against them, the stakes were high. The risks were immense.

Each man would survive those momentous days in 1940, but there were close calls and they would not all come out of the air battle unscathed. Each man would then go on to distinguish themselves in further service with the RAF, fighting in North Africa and the Mediterranean, the night defence of the UK, offensive operations over the continent and support to D-Day and beyond.   
Collectively, Five of the Few is a war story of youth maturing, through aspiration and idealism, courage and bravado, fear and heroism, memory and reflection. It is a reminder of why so much was owed, and still is, by so many to so few.


'This story of courage and bravado, fear and heroism reminds us why so much was owed, and still is, by so many to so few.' (Best of British magazine) 'Makes for gripping reading.' (York Evening Press) 'Inspirational stories in an age of exaggeration and inflated egos ... a valuable historical testimony.' (Aviation News)

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